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23.10.2005 19:28 Alter: 13 Jahr(e)

London project

During our project-week we have worked on London. Our task was to present a sightseeing tour through London and a "product" (like a poster or a model) of the sights or topics we mainly worked on during this week.

We worked in seven groups on the following topics:- The Royal Family, -museums, -history, -The Tower/ Tower Bridge, -Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament as well as on -Parks, -transport, shopping and fashion. We also drew a map of London`s city centre. We used our overhead projector for this task and it as funny as frustrating sometimes when we tried to copy the lines onto a big poster on the wall and the original kept "moving" somehow... My group`s project was about the Royal Family and the history of London. First we divided the topic among our group members. I worked on the Royal Family. I had made something about the Queen and the others Royals. I liked that it was very interesting. I didn`t like that we didn`t often use the computer room. We have found most of the information at home. (written by Nathalie Metsch, 7d).
My project was shopping in London and transport.We have chosen the project because we knew alot about it. We were very surprised that in the city centre of London almost every street has five shopping centres. We saw a picture where a bus had problems getting round the corner of one of these shopping centres. We also found out that there are more shops for shoes and clothes than, for example, toy shops. As a product we made a shoe shop out of a shoe box. That was fun. We liked working in our group and had a lot of fun together. Difficult was to find out about the information (transport) that the other half of our group had worked on. I also helped working on the city map and with the posters and models (like Tower Bridge) of some other groups. So it was a bit of a "social" project as well, wasn`t it? (written by Kim Mitsch, 7d)



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